About Us

Osoliving are dedicated to supplying and installing high quality solid fuel stoves and flues. That is why Osoliving exclusively supplies the Morso brand of stoves and accessories.

A wood burning stove is an embellishment to your home which should stay with you for decades, with a Morso you are guaranteed a high efficiency clean burning stove that you will enjoy using for many years to come.

The Osoliving studio showroom is located in the idyllic setting of a West Sussex farm, whilst being easily accessible from a main road. The studio boasts the largest selection of Morso stoves in the UK with over 60 in total. Including traditional, contemporary, inset and freestanding there is a Morso stove for every setting. All this as well as the complete range of Morso accessories makes Osoliving the only place to go for a Morso stove!

The Osoliving Showroom