Morso Forno Grande Gas Grill

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Morso Forno Grande Gas Grill

The Morsø Forno Grande Gas BBQ Grill is a new larger version of Morso’s successful gas barbecue, the original Forno Gas ‘Medio’.

Launching for summer 2019 the Grande is 726mm across and has three gas burners. The lid and pan are made from anthracite grey precision cast aluminium and the grate is enamel coated cast iron.

The Morsø Forno Gas BBQ Grill offers fast convenient barbecue grilling with the excellence of premium Danish design. This new larger size barbecue grill is big enough for entertaining or for large families.

The Morso Tavolo is an outdoor table designed specifically for the Morso range of gas grills.
Measurements: D627 x H492 x B726 mm
Grill surface dia: D580/B705 mm
Total weight 26,1 kg

Gas system:
Heat rating: 7,4 kW
Mass flow: G30:538g/h; G31:529g/h
Gas type: Liquified gas (propane, butane)
Total heat supply: 7,4 kw (G30:538g/h;G31:529g/h)
Gas classification: B/P(30)
Gas and supply pressure: G30 butane and G31 propane v. 30 mbar
Burner: Mainburner x 3
Nominel neat supply - Left: 2,3 kw + Mid 2,8 kw + Right 2,3 kw
Size of burner supply injector: 0,74/0,80/0,74 mm