Morso Forno Heat Deflector Shield

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Morso Forno Heat Deflector Shield

A new addition to the range of accessories for the Morsų Forno oven, this stainless steel heat shield helps divide the space in your wood-fired outdoor oven. This serves several purposes, firstly as a fire retainer so that the ashes of the fire can be contained in a tighter space avoiding them spilling into the cooking area.

Using a deflector shield allows you to get the food closer to the source of heat and it also forces the flames up over the top of the shield ensuring the top of your food is toasted by the fire, which is especially good for pizzas.

Although designed for the Morsų Forno Oven, these deflector shields can be used in any type of outdoor oven, including brick ovens.
DIMENSIONS: 46 × 11 × 11 mm