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Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

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Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

A Morsų Outdoor Oven spreads warmth on the patio and enables you to prepare crisp, crunchy pizzas and perfect bread in just a few minutes. Internally, the oven is shaped like an Italian stone oven. The wide, low ceilinged firebox produces optimal radiant heat and plenty of space for firewood to be pushes aside when it's time to cook. The oven is made of solid enamelled cast iron to last for many seasons if used and cared for correctly. If you use the Tuscan Grill in the oven, you can also produce steaks and vegetables with sharp, well-defined grilling lines. With its clean lines and simple, functional design, award-winning designer Klaus Rath has tailor-made the oven for the modern Nordic home, or rather, for its lovely outdoor space.

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Diameter = 750mm
Height = 620mm
Weight = 96Kg