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Morso Forno Terra Set

Price: 1,595.00 (Including VAT at 20%)   Free Delivery


Morso Forno Terra Set

Morso Forno lifts your outdoor cooking to a higher level, and makes it possible to create special dishes with ease and expertise. The Morso Forno Terra Set includes the Forno Outdoor Oven on a Small Outdoor Table with wheels (60 x 60 cm), providing the possibility of moving the Forno around - even while it is in use. The fire serves as a natural focal point where everyone can enjoy the cozy atmosphere late into the evening when enjoyed an extra glass of wine. The Morso Terra Set is well suited to the smaller terrace and can be left outside all year round.
The Forno Garden Set includes the following Morso products:
Forno Outdoor Oven, Small Outdoor Table, Tuscan Grill, Ash Scraper, 3 Sacks of Kindling

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Forno Oven:
= 750mm
H = 620mm

Outdoor Table:
H = 800mm
W = 600mm
L = 600mm