Morso Grill Cocotte

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Morso Grill Cocotte

All forms of meat and vegetables together with your preferred liquid some tasty wine, bouillon or maybe some ale can be prepared in the Grill Cocotte. Your roasting dish is also ideal for cooking fish dishes and perfect for baking pan bread. As you can leave the Grill Cocotte it in the oven without looking after it, you can cook other things in the meantime and its elegant design makes it more than suitable for putting on the table. This not only saves time, it saves on washing-up too.

The Grill Cocotte is made from the highest quality, double enamelled cast iron and will last for generations. It can be used in the oven, on all types of cookers including induction, on the grill or over a fire, as cast iron roasting dishes.


Material: Enamelled cast iron
Colour: Black
Size in cm (D x H): 25 cm11 cm
Weight: 6.1Kg