Morso Large Outdoor Table

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Morso Large Outdoor Table

The award-winning Danish designer Klaus Rath has created the Morsų Large Outdoor Table. Giving you a comfortable working height when mixing your favourite ingredients and baking a wonderful pizzas in your Morsų Forno. The table is made of powder coated steel, and its sleek design plays beautifully with the round shapes of the Morsų Forno.

The large space under the table is ideal for storing firewood, fresh ingredients, herbs, and whatever else a real pizza baker might need to have at his fingertips. The Outdoor Table can be easily be manoeuvred using the stainless steel handles and robust rubber wheels. With three convenient hooks perfect for hanging your utensils and pizza oven tools.

*Assembly Required.


L = 1200mm
H = 700mm
W = 600mm