Morso Piaf Piccolo

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Morso Piaf Piccolo

Morso Piaf is made of solid enamelled cast iron. Cast iron cookware has demonstrated it superiority in terms of suitability as a material for the noble art of cooking over many decades. Morso has produced exclusive and functional cast iron pots and pans for several generations - And with this wealth of experience to bear, Morso has developed Morso Piaf Piccolo, Medio and Grande, part of the new innovative cast iron cookware within the Morso concept.

The enamelled Piaf Piccolo dishes from Morso are suitable for small snacks, pates, breads and much more. They are made of cast iron - which for many years has characterized Morso's series of handicrafts.

Piccolo comes in a set of 2 dishes.
Material: Cast iron
Colour: Black