Morso Small Outdoor Table

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Morso Small Outdoor Table

The Morso Small Outdoor Table is a small, square table (L.60 x W.60 x H.81 cm), which is easily accommodated in both the existing outdoor kitchen and large and small terraces and balconies. Not only is this perfect as a base for Morso Forno - with ample space for kindling, the elegant and stylish table is also perfect as a serving trolley & sideboard. The small but sturdy wheels make it easy to move the table using the side-mounted, stainless steel handles - which also have discreet and practical hooks for accessories. The table is made of of powder coated steel, with its slightly coarse texture matches cast iron's familiar surface. Like the other outdoor living products the renowned Danish designer Klaus Rath, has designed the elegant and useful table for both indoor and outdoor use.

*Assembly Required.


L = 600mm
H = 810mm
W = 600mm