Why buy a wood-burning stove?

A wood-burning stove from Morso is more than the perfect heat source. It will become an integral part of your home, a solid piece of furniture and a warm and loyal friend that will give you many years of joy. For the same reason, Morso have over the years chosen to let recognised designers create some of their stoves to ensure their longevity - both in terms of quailty and design.

There are several good reasons for buying a wood-burning stove:

A warm piece of furniture & fast form of heat

A wood-burning stove is not just a heat source, but also an attractive and functional piece of furniture that creates a lovely feeling of warmth and cosiness whether it is direct radiated heat or the more evening distributed convection heat.

Morso and the environment

Morso stoves are environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 and particle emissions to the environment.

Reduce your heating bill

Wood firing is the cheapest type of heating. Compared to the cost of running an oil-fired central heating system, you will save a minimum of 50%. Even compared to electric and gas heating, wood firing also offers good value for money. Even if you have to buy the wood, a wood-burning stove will make financial sense compared to electricity, natural gas and oil.